The invention of writing is attributed to the civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Its beginnings are an area of wonder--it must have evolved over several centuries, though no record exists. Hieroglyphic pictures and symbols represented the words, syllables, and sounds used by ancient Egyptians. Written histories described a new, dynamic world, where the greatest threat to man was no longer the forces of nature, but conflicts arising within society itself.

Technical manuals... Reports and papers... Marketing collateral... Funding requests... Successful written communication is both a science and an art. Our staff includes experts in all methods of writing, to all types of audiences. Should you need research or project planning support, we're able to provide that, too. Technically Write can assure you that there will be no protracted "coming up to speed" phase for your project. We tailor our services to meet your exact needs, and hit the ground running.

Editing for clarity, content, format, and mechanics

Our editing services can impact a document either minimally or extensively. Our experienced editing staff possesses both the professional skills and personal traits essential to a successful editing process. Language expertise. Interpersonal communication skills. Intelligence. Empathy. Patience. Tenacity. Technically Write!

Desktop Publishing
Facility with page layout software is just one aspect of desktop publishing. Talent is the pivotal factor in the development of truly exceptional designs that maximize visual appeal and increase readability and recall. Technically Write has both. We use state-of-the-art Macintosh and PC desktop publishing tools--plus talent--to design and produce effective, creative, appealing documents for our clients.