The origins of spoken language, art, and writing are shrouded in mystery. The oldest surviving examples show an assurance and refinement far removed from tentative beginnings. From the period of the Old Stone Age, some 20,000 years ago, we encounter the earliest known works of art, created by cave dwelling hunters. The ritualistic images of animals painted on the rock surfaces of the cave of Lascaux, France, are vigorous and powerful examples of imagination and communication.

TECHNICALLY WRITE is an Albuquerque-based, small, woman-owned business that provides specialized communication services to a broad range of customers in government agencies, businesses, and universities. Our staff offers more than outstanding writing, graphic design, research, and marketing skills. We brainstorm, plan, schedule, coordinate, and facilitate. We inquire, analyze, and scrutinize. We persevere. We know what it takes to deliver projects that achieve goals, get results, meet deadlines--and stay within budget. And since we realize that part of our job is to make your job easier, we do it with minimal disruption to your work day. Partnering with Technically Write on special projects lets you attend to your business responsibilities and remain focused on developing core competencies. No hassle ... and expert, exceptional communication results.

TECHNICALLY WRITE's staff can assist you in the following areas

  • Technical and Nontechnical Reports and Papers
  • Work and Funding Proposals
  • Journal Articles
  • Technical Manuals (Operations, Policy, Training,
    Software, etc.)
  • Interactive Documentation
  • Web Page Design and Development
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Charts, Graphs, Technical and Creative Illustration
  • Public Relations, including Media Releases
  • Marketing Planning and Assistance
  • Print Materials (Brochures, Fact Sheets, Newsletters, etc.)
  • Presentations (Laptop, Slide, Display Graphics, etc.)
  • Videoscripts and Production