Until the early 15th century, relief printing--later called letterpress--was strictly a hand process. Johann Gutenberg constructed the first wooden press in 1438. Raised type was inked by hand, dampened paper was placed on top, and pressure was applied via handle and wooden screw across a platen to make an impression ... principles Gutenberg had copied from the Rheingau wine presses.

Our project management personnel orchestrate the tasks of the team members assigned to multi-faceted projects, so that the many components of a complex job--writing/editing, design, photography, illustration, pre-press production and printing, for instance--are integrated seamlessly. We customize each work plan. We focus on the needs and desires of our client. We deliver, surpassing expectations.

Marketing Expertise
Technically Write includes marketing and communications specialists. We're available to help you develop and implement a plan for promoting your specialized capabilities. You focus on your technology--we'll help you sell it.

Technically Write includes information-gathering specialists--able and willing to assist you with general or technical research. We'll peruse journals. Visit the library. Surf the Net. Just ask!