Writing, Editing, and Desktop Publishing

"Her contributions were not limited to traditional technical writing responsibilities. Her clear thinking and probing questions helped produce a clear Statement of Work that better defined the technical details of this project. She is among the best technical writers that I have encountered while at Sandia and during my years at Cornell University."

"Her timely and conscientious efforts produced a first class document that was of the highest quality. I personally appreciate her assistance in producing the necessary documentation; it saved me many hours of work."

Lead Staff Credentials:

S. Blumenthal
--MA, Professional Writing. 34 years' experience in both technical and promotional writing; scriptwriting; and interactive on-line documentation.

Specializes in software documentation, user's manuals, technical reports, business plans, proposals, and white papers. Highly skilled in project organization, research methods, and creative problem-solving. Specific technical project experience in nuclear engineering, biochemistry, computer engineering, robotics, electrical engineering, pulsed power, cardiology, nuclear medicine, geographic information mapping systems, and mesh generation computer simulation and modeling. Honored with 10 First Place New Mexico Advertising Federation Awards. Extensive experience with ad copy, brochures, press releases, informational material, radio and tv commercial scripts, corporate identity, and annual reports.

R. Reinert
--Ph.D. candidate. 38 years' experience in technical writing, training, and systems analysis and research.

Specializes in highly complex software systems and technical computing environments. Authored more than 150 technical and nontechnical books and reports. Developed, delivered and administered large-scale training programs. Specific technical experience in civil engineering, electrical engineering, automated manufacturing systems, leading edge computer technologies, command and control systems, computer manufacturing operations, database management systems, healthcare information technologies, molecular biology and genetics, navigation systems, satellite communications, telemetry, and radar systems.